Hey there! Today I am covering some of my top tips for a successful meal prep. Now before you say that you don’t have the time, hear me out. I know the reason why you are reading this post right now is because on some level you need help with meal prepping. You are really busy, and you feel like you just can’t fit it into your week.

Or, maybe you can make the time (all of us can), but once you do that then you are completely lost as to what to actually make. ( If this one is you, be sure to check out the free 5 Day Healthy Dinner Meal Plan bonus for you at the bottom of this post). Either way, you could use some help in the getting healthy meals on the table department. Here are my top 3 tips to ensure your best meal prep:

1. Plan out what you are actually going to cook (and make sure you like it): I know this one sounds obvious, but how many times have you been searching Pinterest only to find yourself in a rabbit whole of healthy crock-pot meals and one skillet creations, and you now are totally lost as to what to make. Or, you go to the grocery store with no plan, and you come home all stressed out because you don’t know what actually will be made into dinner. I’ve been there. So here’s what I recommend-keep it SIMPLE. Pick 2-3 Dinners, 2 Breakfasts, and 2 lunch options you can rotate between. These may even be leftovers from the dinner the night before. There is no need to create a new recipe for every single meal during your week. Choose recipes that are simple to make: crock-pot options and sheet pan dinners are great options.

2. Use your kitchen well: If you are prepping for a whole week, or even for part of one- you’ll want to use your kitchen efficiently. I find it best to have the oven on and fill it up with any dishes that need baking, foods that need to be roasted such a veggies, and an other baked items. Once you have the oven started, you can consider what needs to be cooked on the stove top. Things like beans, rice/pasta, meats, and fish can be easily prepared on the stove. While you have a few things in the oven and on the stove (still paying attention to them) you will have some free time to chop and fruits or veggies, and prep other non baked snacks. As you can see, it does take a little organization. But once you have you planned meals, and an idea of the cooking/ chopping needed, you can plan your time accordingly.

3. Don’t forget about your freezer: Not all meals have to me made ALL on a weekend in order to have a successful week of healthy dinners on the table. You could easily prep a meal for the freezer by chopping meat and veggies and putting in into a bag along with any seasoning you like, ready to be tossed in a crock-pot one morning, or on a sheet pan for the over. Then when it comes to one of those days when you come home and don’t have the energy to prep an entire meal, all you need to do is pull the already prepped meal out and toss it in the oven (if using a crock-pot, you’d want to start the cooking in the morning). Your freezer is also a good spot for extra batches of your favorite meals and foods too. I always make a double batch of waffles when I cook them, because they hold so well in the freezer. Sauces, chopped veggies, fresh seasonal fruit, and most meals can be doubled up and stored in the freezer for a later time.

Here is a video showing exactly what I do to meal prep. The full video is about 90 minutes, which is roughly the time it takes me to prep for a whole week!

MEAL PREP CHALLENGE DAY 1!! ➡️ Tune in and join for some Live meal prepping! I will be prepping some roasted butternut squash soup, Greek chicken burgers, veggies, and more! For all the recipes, head over to the meal prep challenge Facebook group! 👇https://www.facebook.com/groups/217020375563910/

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Now that you have a better idea of how to meal prep, and a few key tips to get started, be sure to grab this FREE 5 Day Healthy Dinner meal plan! These dinners are simple and can easily be made ahead of time. Grab your plan here:


I hope these tips helped you, and the meal plan gives you a little recipe inspiration for the week ahead. Thanks for being here!

XO Sarah 


Do you have any go to tips when it comes to meal prep and planning? Share with us in the comments : )